With the gift card systems we set up, we ensure that your customers earn gifts as they shop. In this way, you are implementing your campaign applications which are very critical about customer continuity.

Business managers can categorize each product or service if they wish to determine the individual winnings. As your customers make purchases, they will benefit from the campaign rates previously determined by you. Customers can receive gifts for their accumulated points at any time, or give specific gifts to your customers in exchange for points collected in the company.

Business management can report all card transactions at any time. Customers can also be categorized within each category and each customer category has a separate score.

We set up the Gift Card System that works over the internet for businesses with multiple branches or payment points, and we ensure that this system works online in all your branches.

With gift card systems, you can keep track of your customers' shopping habits as well as give your customers gifts and choose your business.

Another application with gift card is the shopping application with money installed cards as well. In the barem / barem determined by the firm, the id number of the generated cards is loaded in the system. The gift card holder, who is given as a gift, can shop as much as the balance in the card.

The image on the gift cards used in the system is completely tailored to the business. Cards are made of contactless smart cards with magnetic band or contact in credit card specifications and sizes. Thus, both the costs are reduced and the card quality is maintained. Thanks to the gift card and gift card system in short, you can carry your customer relations to the highest level.

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