Score Card

Score Card

Score Card - Plastic Card

Plastic cards, especially credit cards, customer card, market card, personnel ID card, hotel cards and so on. general name given to cards. In short, the body production of all cards is carried out with plastic raw materials.


As today's technology evolves, plastic cards are designed to attract new features and appeal to different sectors. Among the plastic cards, one of the favorites is magnetic tape cards. Magnetic cards, transition or payment systems are carefully prepared by our company and long-lasting tape technology will be offered to our customers. In addition, we have a choice of plastic cards with barcodes for our customers.

Chip cards are one of the plastic cards that are prepared based on the security of our customers and use special encryption technology. Designed to prevent theft or duplication of your information, these card products are manufactured as a contact card or contactless card. Mifare card, which has the advantages in terms of technology, is one of the most preferred plastic card products consisting of chip and software.

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