Access Control Cards

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Access Control Cards


Access control cards are generated for card systems that allow or disallow certain people based on security and authority within certain areas of your business.


These cards are promoted from a single center, and the areas where the card holder can be entered are determined.


These cards, which are generally used for security purposes, can also be planned as spending system. For example, in case a customer enters the card of a customer entering the card, he can be encouraged to load a loan if the customer cannot enter the place he wants to enter, so that the obligation to employ a personnel at every door can be eliminated and this process can be carried out automatically by the system we have established.


What is a tourniquet?


Turnstile transit systems are one of the applications that have become a necessity within a wide range of organizations, from the service sector to the health sector, from the construction sector to the entertainment sector. It is very important to ensure security with an organization that will meet all these needs in a safe and quality manner. Our expert team at B & U follows the latest technological developments and provides innovative turnstile pass-through services to its customers. Turnstile access cards are designed for you in a fast, safe way and reflect the value of your organization.


Turnstile pass cards are electronically encoded smart cards. The cards, which are designed with special coding information, can include the input output information and identification information on demand. The turn-key cards, which are an important need for schools, hospitals, cafeterias or shopping malls, can also include payment information. In accordance with the request of some institutions, certain transition credits can be loaded into the transition systems instead of the amount of money.


As Bilsarf, which acts with the principle of renewal with creative ideas, we follow up-to-date technology and continue to offer plastic card options that exceed our customers' expectations. The plastic card options that we have prepared under the leadership of our experienced team consist of different, creative and affordable products which are designed according to the demands of our customers. As Bilsarf, we are on the way to becoming the best in the sector with our plastic card solutions prepared by our expert team in digital card design. Please contact us for our current and affordable plastic card products.

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