Customer Loyalty Cards

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Customer Loyalty Cards


In the face of brutal market conditions, every business has to try a number of innovations to be one step ahead of others. Most of these innovations are now based on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


That is exactly what we are producing special solutions at this point. We support the consolidation of the corporate structure of your business with the customer loyalty card system we have created for your customers to choose you.


We prepare the customer card design tailored for your business so that we feel that the customer who owns your business card is a special customer for you. We always remind you of your business with the special customer cards it carries in your wallet or purse and we make sure that the customer chooses you for your shopping.


With the system we set up, you know your customers better, you can see how many customers are shopping from your business, you get your customers to earn points as you shop, you can even determine the special discount rates and points to win each customer.


You can see all the information of that customer in seconds thanks to the customer card they have when they come to your business. You can categorize your customers according to the criteria you want, and you can let your customers know all your campaigns or announcements via mass e-mail or bulk sms. At the same time for each customer special days (birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc.) to save their information, you can send them by sms or email greetings or invitations on these special days.


For businesses that have multiple branches or payment points, we set up the scorecard system that works on the internet and we ensure that this system works online in all your branches.


With the Customer Loyalty Card system, we believe that we have transformed our goal to be one step ahead of small and medium-sized enterprises which can be realized not only from projects requiring high budget investments but also for large companies.


As Bilsarf, which acts with the principle of renewal with creative ideas, we follow up-to-date technology and continue to offer plastic card options that exceed our customers' expectations. The plastic card options that we have prepared under the leadership of our experienced team consist of different, creative and affordable products which are designed according to the demands of our customers. As Bilsarf, we are on the way to becoming the best in the sector with our plastic card solutions prepared by our expert team in digital card design. Please contact us for our current and affordable plastic card products.

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