Insurance Card

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Stok Kodu: BK-SKM005X1


Insurance Card

The patient can be used in different models as insurance cards, magnetic stripe or smart cards as insurance cards according to the purpose of use with various functions as patient identification cards in the insured patient follow-up and contracted health institutions. Nowadays, large insurance companies provide insurance cards in order to follow them more closely and carefully. As with all other member cards, insurance cards have become an indispensable need of corporate companies who want to provide better service to their customers.


As Bilsarf, which acts with the principle of renewal with creative ideas, we follow up-to-date technology and continue to offer plastic card options that exceed our customers' expectations. The plastic card options that we have prepared under the leadership of our experienced team consist of different, creative and affordable products which are designed according to the demands of our customers. As Bilsarf, we are on the way to becoming the best in the sector with our plastic card solutions prepared by our expert team in digital card design. Please contact us for our current and affordable plastic card products.


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