Score Card

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Score Card

Plastic cards, especially credit cards, customer card, market card, staff ID card, hotel card etc. speak generic name generic name. In short, the body production of all cards is made with plastic raw materials.


As today's technology develops, plastic cards are designed to attract new features and appeal to different sectors. One of the favorites among plastic cards is magnetic tape cards. Magnetic cards, transition or payment systems are carefully prepared by our company and our customers are offered long-life tape technology. We also have a choice of barcode plastic cards for our customers.

Chip cards are ready for use. Designed by card or contactless card. Mifare card.


Acting with the principle of renewing with creative ideas, Bilsarf follows the technology and continues to offer them in plastic cards that exceed expectations. Our team consists of different, creative and affordable products designed for the demanded plastic cards. As Bilsarf, we are on the way to become the best in the sector with our pre-prepared plastic card solutions specialized in digital card design. Our current and affordable plastic card products.

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