Staff card

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Staff card

You can check the arrival and departure times of your employees with the personnel card in a perfect way.


Each card you assigned to each worker entered the day the employee quit. All this information is available in seconds.


In this way, you are gathering information about your employees much more easily. You can only use these cards as badges, such as badges. In this way, you and your customers can find out who the staff is and what task they are responsible for.


Personnel card design can be produced with pictures or pictures depending on your request. Quality cards are used in our personnel cards and they are prepared in desired logos and figures. If you want, your plastic cards can be permanently named or deleted name names. Goldofis personnel cards, depending on your preference, can be produced with a special clip for a pocket clip or catches.


Acting with the principle of renewing with creative ideas, Bilsarf follows the technology and continues to offer them in plastic cards that exceed expectations. Our team consists of different, creative and affordable products designed for the demanded plastic cards. As Bilsarf, we are on the way to become the best in the sector with our pre-prepared plastic card solutions specialized in digital card design. Our current and affordable plastic card products.

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